This site is a work in progress for sure. I’m glad you found it but it’s only just getting started.  I worked in Buffalo radio for a few years, you probably never heard me, but I still loved what was happening then on the radio in Buffalo.  In my teenage years, before I got an internship and a job in Buffalo radio, I was just a fan of the radio.  I recorded hundreds of hours of tapes from talk to morning shows to live concerts and comedy hours. I still have most of the recordings and I’ll be posting them here as time allows.


If you have any old recordings from Buffalo radio that you would like to share, I would love to hear from you.



** Most of the clips on this site were recorded by me or were given to me by another fan. If you are a buffalo radio personality whose airchecks are on this site and you wish to have them removed, just ask, I will be glad to do so. If you would rather not be included I will certainly respect that decision.  Thanks.**